AYA Volunteers’s Night

Last night was very inspiring. Affirmations on feeling God’s presence in every moment of our lives were shared by Ate Maye, an old timer Calauan volunteer. Our body, mind and spirit should travel together upwards to one source, which is towards God. In dying of ourselves, we will be able to share His graces to others. We should always remember that real generosity comes from poverty and not from abundance. Each sacrifice in our own part for the benefit of other people will bring us closer to Him. This is the true test of our maturity. One thought that was also shared yesterday, is that we only just have to be there in order to be helpful and of service. In a society where being busy is glorified and should be our way of life, learning to be still and listen to God is just as meaningful. Our Lord’s command may be for us to do something or to just be there. What is important is we say yes and trust His plans for us. We embark our mission because we’re chosen by Him.

Catherine Fontanilla
Catherine is a graduate of the University of Assumption, an architect by profession and a business woman who co-owns a café in sta lucia. She is a member of the welcoming committee of AYA.

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