AYA’s Volunteerism Perspective

There are 3 elements of service:

  1. Body. The body is life and God is a God of life. When any of our 5 senses – hear, see, smell, taste, touch – is tapped, maybe God is expressing Himself through that manifestation.
  2. Mind (intellect) and heart (emotion). Coming from something lacking or missing, God speaks more clearly through our desire.  Add a value on why you want to achieve a desire. God has a desire, too, but He doesn’t interfere with our desires. If we are close to Him, then maybe His desire and our desire will be one.
  3. (?)

We can feel God more every time we die of ourselves, i.e.  to detach, forego, and let go of worldly needs. Our spirit moves toward a trajectory. We become more like God (kawangis). Maturity and stability of the spirit is when our body and spirit are growing and meet at a level of the same trajectory.

Volunteer work with God sounds better, than just working for God. He was there first in the mission before He led us or call on us to help. So we need not worry as He will provide.

Real generosity comes from poverty, i.e.  sharing what little you have than giving what’s extra from your abundance.

Spiritual knowledge vs spiritual experience. If God is always in us, there’ll never be room for sadness.

EGO — Edging God Out; or Entirely God Odyssey

— Random thoughts by Maye Trinidad about volunteerism perspective for AYA

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