Halina Sa Ilang, Kaya Mo?

“The spirit drove Jesus out into the wilderness and there he remained for forty days.”

Pan de la Semana

The Promise and the Covenant

Fr Chito Dimaranan SDB speaks of God’s promise and covenant. Water destroyed mankind in Noah’s time. In Jesus’ time, God fulfils His promise.


The Promise

Ang lumutang sa iringan at salungatan sa ilang

Primo Piatto
Lectio (Read)
Mark 1;12-15
Meditatio (Reflect)
What if you were in the wilderness with Jesus? Close your eyes. Imagine being with Christ in the desert.
Oracio (Pray)
Today is National Migrants’s Sunday. Reflect on the plight of millions of overseas contract workers, migrants, and their families. Pray for all the Filipinos in foreign land who were victims of domestic and sexual violence.
Contemplatio (Listen)
Just be silent. Only in quietness and silence of your heart that you can hear the voice of God. When you talk God listens. Now, it’s God’s turn to speak; your time to listen.
Actio (Act)
This year is Year of the Clergy and the Consecrated Persons. Simply have an open mind and understanding that being human, they are weak too and can make mistakes. Set aside the prejudice, pray for them and let God handle them. Remember that the sin of one priest is not the sin of the whole Church.

“Lent summons us, and enables us, to come back to the Lord wholeheartedly and in every aspect of our life.” ~ Pope Francis, 15 Feb 2018

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