HIP + SIP Teaser: CafeNook

At the CafeNook, savor the aroma of freshly-brewed organic beans

The Code of Champions
The six secrets of living a life with no regrets
Enneagram Personality Types
The inner dynamics of the nine unique personalities
Discipleship One
The seven spiritual pegs of champions in a millennial world
The four dimensions of the cutting-edge millennial spirit.

If you can’t see the images, following is the text version of the above HIP + SIP web cards.

Happy, Inspiring People + Smart, Interesting Programs

Brewing the cutting-edge millennial in the service of Salesian Parishes_FIN.


  • Implement a formation program for young adults steeped in Salesianity as key to confronting world issues.
  • Assist young adults in discerning their role in church life.

HIP + SIP is Formation moments for millennials brought to you by PigeonsCafé

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