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Brewing the cutting-edge millennial in the service of Salesian Parishes_FIN.


  • Implement a formation program for young adults steeped in Salesianity as key to confronting world issues.
  • Assist young adults in discerning their role in church life.

HIP + SIP is Formation moments for millennials brought to you by PigeonsCafé


At the CafeNook, savor the aroma of freshly-brewed organic beans.

The Code of Champions
The six secrets of living a life with no regrets
Enneagram Personality Types
The inner dynamics of the nine unique personalities
Discipleship One
The seven spiritual pegs of champions in a millennial world
The four dimensions of the cutting-edge millennial spirit.


Start your breezy morning with a coffee pot filled with freshly-brewed coffee beans.

Servants Who Lead
The leadership paradigms of Jesus of Nazareth
The Choices of the Heart
The basic rules of discernment of spirits
Discipleship Two
Like the Blessed Mother, building one’s life around Jesus
The four dimensions of the cutting-edge millennial spirit


Critical Issues
Navigating trends and issues of the millennial world.
Healing The Inner Child
Forgiving the past, living the present, facing the future.
Discipleship Three
Nurturing intimacy with the Lord Jesus
The four dimensions of the cutting-edge millennial spirit


Every first Saturday afternoon, those interested for follow-ups are invited to join the HIPNSIPBREWS: Bible-based reflection and sharing sessions towards faith and life integration in a casual environment.

What to do in HIPnSIPBrews

While the HIPnSIPBrews participants may draw up occasional outreach activities,

  1. They are encouraged to organize or integrate themselves in their own parish young adults ministry;
  2. Floaters may be referred to the various active ministries of PEACEWORKS103; or
  3. They may also form their own apostolic groups.

Last Saturday March, Last Saturday November: Whole-day congress on current topics.

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