He heals the broken-hearted

Job, Les Miserable

“Nothing for my own but nights of grief.
Lying in bed I wonder,
When will it be day?
How slowly evening comes!
Restlessly I fret…
My days have passed
Leaving no hope behind…”

Pan de la Semana

God Heals The Broken-hearted

Today is Pro-Life Sunday.
Fr Chito Dimaranan SDB speaks of God’s love to heal us.


God’s weakness – He’s close to those who suffer

Wagas ang pakikiramay ng Diyos

Primo Piatto
Lectio (Read)
Job 7:1-7, Psalm 147
Meditatio (Reflect)
Do you believe that God will heal you?
Oracio (Pray)
Pray for the children who were given Dengvaxia by mistake.
Contemplatio (Listen)
Just be silent. Only in quietness and silence of your heart that you can hear the voice of God. When you talk God listens. Now, it’s God’s turn to speak; your time to listen.
Actio (Act)
Prisoners who were set free suffer rejection in our society. There’s no job for them outside the prison walls. There are NGOs that aid them so that they may have a living to support their families. Share your blessings.

“Listening to a religious teaching or learning a doctrine is not enough. What we want is to live as Jesus lived.” ~ Pope Francis

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