Auxiliaries For Youth Animation



The volunteering apostolate in Calauan traces its foundation in 2010 when the efforts of the national government to relocate informal settlers from Metro Manila to Laguna realized. Thus, the community of Bayan ni Juan was created. The Salesians of Don Bosco was commissioned by the Ayala Group to take part in the development plan for the community and take heed the invitation to socio-pastoral care.

In support to the Calauan Project of the Salesians, the former Young Upbeat Professionals for PEACE (YUPPEACE) initiated a monthly catechesis program for the youth of Bayan ni Juan, wherein volunteers would come every third Saturday of the month to catechise for half a day. The program has been running since then, catering to young boys and girls ages 6 to 16 years old classified by grade levels. The group also feed these students every 3rd Saturday through the help of various donors. In August 2015, YUPPEACE decided to cease its operation however the volunteers involved in Calauan apostolate decided to continue its mission thus the Auxiliaries for Youth Animation was launched on June 18, 2016.


The word Auxiliary traces its etymology from the word Auxiliaris (Latin), meaning “help” and “aid”. This is the foundation of our identity. This is our cause. We are help. It is not coincident but through the grace that we are called to and are associated with Bayan ni Juan and Don Bosco Calauan. The Title of the Madonna of Don Bosco and Patrones of Salesians is Maria Auxilium Christianorum (Mary Help of Christians), the Mother whom we pray for intercession. We are auxiliaries. We are help to the mission we are called for.

YOUTH ANIMATION (Mission and Vision)

Bida Young. Be the Young.

We believe that the youth, especially the poor, is the clear face of our mission. We are called to help develop their knowledge, skills and values. They are empowered influence to their progressive circles towards creating a better society for the next generation of youth they one are.

AYA (Invitation)

AYA is the contraction of the organization’s name in Filipino jargon which means, “Tara”. It is a welcoming invitation to all to help us join our cause. i.e Ayain, Inaaya, Nag-aaya.


We keep and instill —

  • Love for the youth
  • Commitment
  • Service beyond self
  • Joyful Service
  • Cheerful Leadership


The volunteers of this catechesis program are composed of diverse professionals who offer their time, efforts, and presence in the apostolate with ages 21-50. They undergo formation to equip themselves to class, personal enrichment, and gain friends too. Eventually, the volunteers become familiar to the apostolate and to one another and have become a community.


The program commenced with one hundred (100) kids; boys and girls combined. To date, the number has already reached to four hundred (400). The kids would often attest the inspiration and learning they gain from their Ates and Kuyas. After a day’s work, the volunteers would go home fulfilled and content knowing that they made a difference only the kids can tell.