True Stories

Hidden Faces. Real Experiences

It’s Christmas Eve. Meet RANDY, 12 years old, shivering in the early evening drizzle. His family shack in Mindanao was burned down by rebels, their boat taken, his grampa killed. Now, the entire family goes begging around the streets of Makati. CAROL, 18 years old, the toy-wife of a drug lord whenever he visits the big city. She is her daddy’s insurance bond for embezzling one time the gang’s drug monies. If she refuses, daddy dies, pronto. EMBOY,8 years old, call the streets of Manila his home. He runs errands for shadowy figures for any meager sum. He was ordered to shoot a guy for 5,000 pesos.

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When something goes wrong, when nature breaks loose, when people freak out, they are the young and the children who suffer first and worst.

KRISTINE, 12 years old, abandoned by their mother. Their tatay leaves them for odd jobs everywhere. She keeps pebbles in her mouth to stave off hunger. NAMELESS BABY, 2 weeks old, too feeble to cry. Born under a bridge in Pasig. No money to buy milk. They give her coffee instead, the kind they got with relief packs. LINDA, 17 years old, ran away from Bicol. Repeatedly raped by her papa. She combs the big city with AIDA, 15 yeard old, also an escapee from home, used to be rented by her nanay to males.

BANJO, 10 years old, spends his free time playing basketball around street corners after he finishes odd jobs at the fish market. His parents refuse to send him to school. He must contribute to the family income. ARIEL, 20 years old, started as an idealistic youth kagawad in their barangay. He has learned his lessons fast and well – he too can make big money in politics. KRISTELL, 2 months old. died yesterday of severe malnutrition.

BEMBOT, 9 years old, shivers at loud noises. He witnessed a girl raped and shot in the head. MICHELLE, 14 years old, repeatedly lured to have sex with white males for 300 pesos and a pack of noodles. JUNJUN, 19 is a certified HIV carrier. He turned carefree upon learning that his life was all a lie. His mom is not his real mom; his dad is not really in the USA with another woman. He was an abandoned baby in the hospital. His parents will always be unknown.

JOEY, 16, very adept with an M16 armalite. They call him a freedom fighter. MYRA, 21, a pretty single mom. Marriage was a failed escape. Her daddy started to molest her when she was in high school. When she stepped into college, her elder brother joined the fray. NONOY, 16 years old, lied to his supervisor about his age. He needs a job badly. He lost his parents in one recent typhoon. You will see him dangling among the iron bars of high rise buildings being constructed in the metro.

When something goes wrong, when nature breaks loose, when people freak out, they are the young and the children who suffer first and worst.

They need our help.

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