Prayer School 2

With the successful conduct of Prayer School 1 (Stay, Wait and Pray) last November 2015, its second installment, Prayer School 2 (Loving in a Loving Way), was held last August 23 to 26 at the Catholic Youth Ministry, Saint John Bosco Parish, Makati. Rev Fr Armand Robleza SDB proved once again to be an effective inspirational speaker to Prayer School’s 30 participants.

Prayer School 2 was inspired by Pope Francis’s proclamation of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. It focuses on how we can love, to love out of the box, because God first loved us. It lets our hearts be open, be compassionate and caring for others, even to our enemies. With that, pure love is at work. Love challenges us to be gentle, to be merciful as God has always been merciful to us. It teaches us, too, that the lifestyle of a true disciple of God is to be happy.

Within the talk, participants were given the chance to reflect on the Word of God through Lectio Divina and to share their own insights with the other attendees. Read what the participants had to say.

If you miss out on the two Prayer School talks, books of the same title are still available for purchase.

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