What Coffee Lovers Say About Prayer School 2

Father A is outstanding! ~ Maria Luisa Solis Escalante

Worth it! Looking forward to the next seminar. ~ Bernadette Aprueldo


I wished there was a question and answer portion. I enjoyed reading Fr Armand’s book. ~ Josephine Cortez


Hoped there was time for Q&A. I want to attend Enneagram seminar. ~ Bel de la Cruz


The seminar is very timely. We had so many concerns during the day and the lessons learned will be of great help in order to have a peaceful relationship in the working place. Congratulations to all of you! We suggest that there will be a Q&A portion in the next seminars. Thank you! ~ Flora Aguilan


Group sharing is OK. Met a lot of new friends. Hope to attend more sessions in the future! ~ Charisse Siao


Prayer school 2 is very life changing. Please have a seminar about the book of revelation and the life of Jesus. ~ Julius Rey Siao


Suggest Prayer School 3 to follow soon. Father A’s choice of subject: he knows best on what is relevant to the times. ~ Grace Agana


I would like to request for the Inner Child Seminar. ~ Marichris Saludo

Please let me know of other seminars by Fr Armand. ~ Gloria Espiritu

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